Advantages of recruiting a single full-service digital marketing agency

With an increasing number of digital players, choosing the right digital marketing agency to support your company is no small achievement.

It may be difficult for you to choose a particular agency to handle your digital marketing efforts that may lead to opting for multiple digital marketing agencies for different services. There are many advantages of running all your services with single digital marketing agency.

  • A Singular Point Of Contact for all your marketing solutions: When all your digital platforms are managed by one consultancy, you'll reduce the time and effort to reach out to different service providers. Through having one organization to handle your marketing efforts, time is streamlined through reducing the number of strategic calls and quarterly client reviews, granting you more time to work on your business objectives.

    Full-suite digital marketing companies often have a large marketing team that specializes in multiple fields. Having multiple experts in one organization offers big-level coordination that would not be possible if each platform were housed under another organization, which brings us to our next stage.
    • Coherent and consistent strategies: Since your account executive and team are acquainted with your brand portfolio, they can provide systematic account management that cohesively reflects your business. You face the risk of delayed updates on different channels while operating services with different vendors. Using a key account manager can assure that any required focus changes are continuously enforced across the different services in your portfolio. For example, Agency' A' that manages your digital advertising campaigns that develop a strategy to use keywords that aren't currently used by Agency ' B' to phrase your SEO strategy. When this happens, we would generally recommend a shift in your website's content strategy to increase the performance ratings of our keyword search targeting. If your SEO campaigns were also handled by Agency ' A, ' it is assured that nothing is lost along the way as requests are exchanged from Agency ' A ' > your business > Agency ' B '.
    • Effective Tone For Brand Communication: In contrast to maintaining consistent approaches, the digital portfolio has the advantage of having reliability in brand image and communication. If you have one planning session, you have a lower risk of misunderstanding rather than several with various vendors. Your agency must produce ads using your color palette, logo and expression to ensure that your brand is identifiable in your industry. This is extremely beneficial when customers switch between platforms and demand coherent messaging.
    • Comprehensive Understanding of Strategies & Lead Monitoring: Objectives differ by industry. Employing an agency that represents your business guarantees a thorough understanding of the strategies of your business, and professional experience with a data-driven approach to back up their methods. If you put your trust over a single company for your marketing efforts, the target monitoring will be consistent across platforms. This enables streamlining of your results.
    • Extensive Monitoring & Reporting: Referring to our last argument, if all your platforms are operated by the same organization, then all your reports will be accessible on one dashboard. Your specific reporting dashboard will have a channel wise overview of your results, minimizing duplication of manual data before communicating to colleagues. The integration with your business account manager in the number of posts and phone calls improves the flexibility for concentrating on your internal duties and obligations.
    • Budget friendly & Affordability: You have complete control over your budget if you choose to collaborate with one full-suite digital company – particularly if low management fees apply due to lower channel costs. Another advantage of driving your spends on digital marketing through single agency is the ease of payment options. You don't need to pay multiple invoices. The settlement and tracking of the payment can be done though a single transaction.
    These are the many advantages of hiring a single digital marketing agency for all the services. Want to work with a full-service digital marketing agency? Contact us.