How Instagram story can help you grow your brand/ business?

1. Easy to use feature that encourages audience engagement- Instagram has many easy to use features like the Q/A option, a poll option which helps the brand to engage with the target audience and understand them better.

2. Gives motion to your product/ services- by adding a small video clip of the product being consumed or service being offered the brands can give thorough insight

3. Product sticker- Instagram allows tagging specific products in stories that have a direct link to shop from. This will drive the customer directly to the shopping site. This is one of the best ways to drive conversion from Instagram.

4. Swipe up links- shopping is just a swipe away with Instagram's swipe up feature. Adding a link with the story can drive the audience directly to the website.

5. Instagram story ads- Instagram stories can be advertised too. It is a the perfect way to highlight the brands to the target audience.

6. Go live option- going live and talking about the brand, the product can help the brand reach a wider audience. Going live with an influencer can also drive the audience.