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Still using traditional ways to market your business?

If you are still not using Instagram shops for your business then you are missing out on so many opportunities. Especially when there are over 1 billion users on Instagram. Instagram marketing is inevitable for your e-commerce business.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already a pro, here is everything you need to know about Instagram shops and how it can benefit your business

In 2019, Instagram brought the biggest change on its platform, by introducing the concept of Instagram shop. This feature redefined the perspective of what it means to shop online and transformed the outdated user journey. With the new all-in-one storefront, users are now presented with the products in a different fashion that is both innovative and easy to use

So, what is Instagram shop, and why is it a huge opportunity for any brand to sell products on Instagram.

Instagram Shop is a great way for any business to showcase its product catalogue and reach audiences. With Instagram Shop, brands can make a list of shoppable products that can be directly accessible through their Instagram pages due to which customers have greater opportunity to connect with the brand as they can quickly see relevant information like product descriptions and pricing — everything with just a single click without having to leave the app.

How your company can benefit through Instagram shops

Letting users discover your product easily

Instagram shop will do wonders for sales, by allowing you to tag products, Instagram Shops lets you provide quick and in-depth information to your users about the product, making them more likely to make a purchase. Nowadays, there is a lot of noise online and sometimes it can be really challenging to convert followers into sales.
Luckily, Instagram Shopping brings storefront to consumers in an innovative way and makes online shopping super easy; customers can skip the hassle of jumping from link to link and instead enjoy the effortless experience of exploring products, checking prices, and learning more about a particular product or a brand all at one platform. In fact, the report suggests that 1 out of 3 Instagram users have purchased after discovering a new product on Instagram.

Any size of business can thrive

Instagram has more than 1 billion users and with that many available eyeballs, there is no limit to the success a business could get, provided with an Instagram strategy. With so many users on a platform, Instagram is surely an important place for businesses and this goes for large companies as well as smaller pop shops and entrepreneurs.
Any business can raise brand awareness and reach its target audience by keeping a consistent and active presence on the platform. Making Instagram posts shoppable helps the potential customers who want to learn about the product by just clicking on the post to discover all the details.

Authentic Advertising

Nowadays, consumers are inclined more towards user-generated content and tend to trust authenticity
for making their online purchase decisions.
And to do so, you can build a more trustworthy shopping experience by incorporating UGC posts with shoppable tags to set up an Instagram shop. This allows your followers to see the product being used by a real person, rather than a model. This, in turn, helps in building brand advocacy along with sales.

The Takeaway

Instagram has taken social media by storm and as the platform continues to grow, it will make massive waves in e-commerce, through its innovation.
In this digital age, everyone is looking for an easy online experience and The Instagram shop has made this possible by bringing the shop to the users instead of users trying to go to the shop. Instagram Shopping has indeed opened a whole new world for B2C marketing.
This feature helps the brand leverage the power of social media for brand awareness, conversion & sales. And now that you know the benefits of this platform, do try it for your brand and see what potential it holds for your brand!

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