Is Responsive Website Development Necessary?

Mobile users are outperforming desktop users now. This is anticipated to even further smash up with a worldwide increase in smartphone use.

From a web developer's viewpoint, this means that a website which is not responsive – that is, offers a user the very same functionality as the desktop – would eventually become entirely ineffective, as most users would be accessing the website from their phones.

Responsive web development is essentially a technique for designing websites in such a way that the content, graphics and layout of the website on any platform remains the same. What it really means is that a website that works smoothly on every platform in the marketplace – mobiles, desktops, and laptops – is a responsive website.

Ethan Marcotte, a professional web developer in his novel, apparently called, Responsive Web Design, formally gave the word, ' responsive web design '.

Google has set the stage with a minor adjustment in its search engine infrastructure, anticipating widespread smartphone use over the coming years. The search giant enabled a website's mobile visibility–a primary influencer to make it rank higher. It is now recognized as the' Mobilegeddon' to celebrate the' historic event' on March 9.

Momentarily, in terms of the criteria set out by Google, Responsive Web Design is an inevitable necessity from the technical point of view. Let's now see from Google's perspective at the different elements of a responsive web design. This could persuade you to hire a website development company at the earliest possible time. Three out of four mobile holders perform mobile search to meet their immediate needs – Google That’s what Google also Says!

If your website is not responsive Google will show this down on the page of the results. Contrary is true even. If it's phone-friendly it will hype it up on google's search. The explanation for this is easy-together with content that corresponds to the platform from which it is viewed, responsive web design allows for better SEO. Mobile First!

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