Major Changes in Digital Marketing from 1980 to 2020

Digital marketing has changed a lot since the beginning of 1990. Special credit to Google be given in reference to digital marketing. Thanks to Google's relentless work, we're in the modern age of digital marketing, where there's no more fancy sites, gateway pages, sly redirects, or any of these activities.

Major alterations that took place in the digital marketing industry:

1. Search Engines uprising has been the best trend over the last 3 decades of digital marketing. Yahoo introduced it, and then Google substituted it and changed the paradigm of how people search for information.

2. Information-driven content marketing has brought another change. It was the year 2015-16 that digital marketers first started producing content after reviewing their past data and industry studies.

3. Responsive architecture has changed the nature of the internet and the concept of the website. Ethan Marcotte proposed the technique which has now become the norm for website design.

4. User experience has been around since the 1990s, Apple introduced UX terminology in the modern world when the iPhone was introduced in 2007. Since there, UX has been part of digital marketing.

5. Web searches were overtaken by mobile searches for the very first time in the year 2016. This was the moment when company owners started to seriously think about designing their websites and marketing strategies for mobile phones.

6. A very famous quote of digital marketing by Bill gates “Content is King” is an infamous phrase for many of the digital marketers.

7. Text is just one form of material. Google has taken 15 years to realize this fact. And then after the universal search update in 2007, Google has started taking into consideration videos, images, PDF files contents of the search engine results pages.

8. How quick is your website loading? Website page speed came to the fore in the year 2006 when Amazon reported that it saw a 1 percent rise in overall sales with a meager 100-millisecond rise in page loading time.

9. With the advent of social media platforms such as LinkedIn (2002), Facebook (2004), Twitter (2006), etc., digital marketing has taken an unexpected turn. Social media is emerging as a competitive challenge to Google, and digital marketers have begun to think outside of Google about advertising their goods and services.

10. Influencer Marketing came into being with the advent of Instagram, which has replaced word of mouth publicity.

11. For collecting customer reviews and feedback, social media has become an excellent platform.

12. Google launched Google Ads in 2002, which has taken over online advertising.

13. With the advent of MailChimp, email marketing flourished.

14. International online transactions started taking place with the introduction of PayPal. Thus with these advancements in the online world, digital marketing has been flourishing and it's continuously increasing with each passing day.

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