Post Lockdown Digital Marketing Survival Plans

It is an exceptional and tragic moment in human history.

Many of this generation's entrepreneurs will only have seen a boom in the start-up industry when venture funding was abundant. Yet in the future, we should foresee drastic cuts in all marketing spending, with the single exception of digital marketing spending.

Let's keep in mind that it's not a bear-run. It is a voluntary, deliberate shutdown of our system, as governments all over the world are powerless. They are unable to come up with a certain alternative strategy to control the spread of coronavirus but to make it compulsory for people to remain at home.

How big brands are facing the crisis?

After the start of the pandemic, multinational brands like Apple, Adidas and Starbucks seem to have no option but to close their retail stores around the world and start publishing Coronavirus alerts on their websites and social networks.

The guide offers brief insights into:

- Improving communication to promote the generation of leads and sales in the post-COVID19 period.

- Moots radical improvements in branding, project marketing and pricing.

- Discuss how to organize and incorporate each of these concepts.

- Proposes a statistics-driven strategy for a quick SWOT review of industry vulnerabilities and opportunities.

Prioritize your techniques and strategies according to the situation

The crisis of COVID19 was unexpected, of course, but Vijasur's previous experience with businesses shows that even in good times, most small and medium-sized businesses do not hesitate to adopt a focused digital marketing campaign or a structured marketing plan that can be enforced in bad times.

Business continuity strategies are an absolute requirement during a crisis where you need to update the estimates and identify the most budget-effective methods, such as a digital marketing campaign. These are common marketing strategies that can be easily supported by a marketing firm in India, such as VijaySur.

Use Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics to find out where the audience is and how they spend much of their time during the lockdown. It will give you simple observations when you set your next targets and draw up your list of marketing strategies.

Use Google Optimize to do testing of your site

There is a range of cloud-based devices, but they may be costly. You may need the support of your consultancy firm to use this Google tool, which is equally successful. "Update your website. You know it's not flawless, spend some time practicing what you're portraying, and make your site a lead generation source that needs to be! ”

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