Major Changes in Digital Marketing from 1980 to 2020

Digital marketing has changed a lot since the beginning of 1990. Special credit to Google be given in reference to digital marketing. Thanks to Google’s relentless work, we’re in the modern age of digital marketing, where there’s no more fancy sites, gateway pages, sly redirects, or any of these activities. Major alterations that took place […]

Post Lockdown Digital Marketing Survival Plans

It is an exceptional and tragic moment in human history. Many of this generation’s entrepreneurs will only have seen a boom in the start-up industry when venture funding was abundant. Yet in the future, we should foresee drastic cuts in all marketing spending, with the single exception of digital marketing spending. Let’s keep in mind […]

What is Crisis Communication? How should brands adopt that?

Everywhere, companies, big, medium or small, have been brought to a near standstill. From CEOs to clerks, they have all been told to stay at home by their governments, and for the first time in human history, an unknown pandemic has put safety ahead of business. Weakened, exhausted, anxious and overwhelmed, home-based staff disrupted business […]

Build Your Network on LinkedIn

Over 500 million members worldwide, at least half of those are active members, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the world’s most widely used site for businesses and employment-seekers alike. It picks the best of what social media has to provide and applies a twist to business networking, trying to make it a place to see and experience. […]

Which is your favorite meme trend of hilarious 2020?

The first two quarters of 2020 are nothing but full of hilarious meme trends. These trends have become one of the craziest forms of communication for Millennials. It’s not even containing text, amusing pictures, or videos but also GIFs and amazing music composition which is trending widely through online social media platforms. Although meme trends […]

How Instagram story can help you grow your brand/ business?

1. Easy to use feature that encourages audience engagement- Instagram has many easy to use features like the Q/A option, a poll option which helps the brand to engage with the target audience and understand them better. 2. Gives motion to your product/ services- by adding a small video clip of the product being consumed […]

Brand Loyalty- Myth or Reality?

Are you loyal to your go-to brand? Do you go back to your favorite brand when you think of buying a product? Maybe yes, maybe no. But majorly we believe the answer would be no. In today’s world when people have infinite options and the consumers are ready to try new products, brand loyalty has […]

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing in Jodhpur has created a shift in the game of marketing. Till 2015, Influencer marketing was limited only to celebrities and a couple of dedicated influencers but now everything has changed, you can see every other person has become an Influencer. What is influencer marketing and why you should be leveraging it for […]

Inbound Marketing

What is inbound marketing? Let’s just admit that nobody likes getting interrupted while watching their favorite show, or waking up to a bunch of emails that are not even relevant. Many of us, especially the young people, hate ads so much that we are paying to avoid them, signing up for ad blockers and subscription […]

What is Moment Marketing?

Seize the moment seize the marketing!! Back in the days when not everyone was a tech savvy, marketers used to have a hard time managing real time interactions and engagement with their consumers and also it was getting difficult to find new ways to attract customers as the traditional marketing was going downhill. But now […]