What is Crisis Communication? How should brands adopt that?

Everywhere, companies, big, medium or small, have been brought to a near standstill. From CEOs to clerks, they have all been told to stay at home by their governments, and for the first time in human history, an unknown pandemic has put safety ahead of business.

Weakened, exhausted, anxious and overwhelmed, home-based staff disrupted business processes and destroyed excellently-established supply chains in a matter of days. There is no transit of any person or commodities except for vital services. No goods or services are being made, shipped or distributed.

At a stage such as this one, the one issue that oppresses every business owner is – how long will this nightmare last, and in the meantime, how will we keep our customers engaged? The solution to this is strategic planning.

This raises the question: what are the outlines of this strategic planning? The below tips will help you prepare your crisis management efforts.

Increase in communication through digital platforms

As the Internet is an interconnected network of platforms – that can all be used to access your quarantine customer – social networking sites, email, message, applications, video, etc., make comprehensive and deliberate use of this platform. Luckily for all of us, this is also the simplest tool you can handle from home.

Don't reduce, just optimize your advertisement expenses

This would be the time to gather every penny. Take proper track of your current advertisement expenditures and re-think your distribution to different platforms – maybe reduce outdoor and TV expenditures in place of digital? We're likely to see this change happen in future months, too. Smart companies have shifted their marketing to online as people spend most of their time online.

Adopt video marketing

Sportswear brands encourage content for an in-home workout. E-learning companies have gone intense with the nature of their course. Brands like Curefit are promoting through live workout sessions.

Learn SEO marketing

Digital marketing continues to be an emerging area. Virtually every day, rich and fresh material is uploaded to youtube for digital marketing. Experts staying at home offer webinars and so on – fully free of charge for those who want to make meaningful use of their time. Learn from the experts how to boost your post engagement, get shares, and make the most of your digital media investment.

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