Which is your favorite meme trend of hilarious 2020?

The first two quarters of 2020 are nothing but full of hilarious meme trends. These trends have become one of the craziest forms of communication for Millennials. It's not even containing text, amusing pictures, or videos but also GIFs and amazing music composition which is trending widely through online social media platforms. Although meme trends are blindly followed by most of us and when it comes to researching about its first existence very few people look into that zone. From the latest mad viral-like Binod or the funniest music composition trending ‘Rasode main Kaun tha’ from a popular tv serial ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ If you had been in the Indian virtual community you surely know what we are talking about, the viral kokilaben dialogue which turned into the musical rap by Singer-music producer Yashraj Mukhate. If you’re wondering who decides or help them go viral. The answer is definitely simple ‘The Janta Janardhan’i.e our netizens.

What helps these memes go viral?

1. Technology has made it easy to create and distribute them.

2. Young generations are creating content and have become used to this creation.

3. Memes often express and concisely convey ideas and emotions.

4. The memers are intellectual and are aware of the trends moving in the country or world on that they create content that is humorous and people easily connect with their shared experiences.

5. Creativity is always appreciable as relatable content is developing for the millennials.

6. Netizens are following trends and social media as they equally want to qualify in the race of popularity.

Meme culture is popular and celebrated like a festive whenever arrives. However, few will call it baseless but these meme trends have had successfully brought some smiles, laugh, and made them feel better in this cruel 2020.

A short journey of meme trends