Just a few tips and tricks for right packaging -

Just a few tips and tricks for right packaging

Not all great stuff comes in fantastic packages, or vice versa. Packaging takes both time and resources in put — the oodles of it — to be tremendously successful.
From labels to formats, colors to pack sizes, everything has to be perfect and seamless to meet the standard of good and effective marketing in a competition that is crowded with quality products of all sorts. The best packaging designing agency in India follow the below points.

Style It Right

Identify your target audience before designing the packaging of your product.

Finally, if you toss one or 100 products, keep the size in mind until you set out to design.

Place It Right

Do not ever attempt to focus too hard. Alternatively, go a tone that’s easy to make your brand look sophisticated and trendy – inspiring, not desperate. Customers will notice any blatant attempt to woo them and will be turned off immediately. Don’t kill your brand with a muffled-than-necessary package.

Type it Right

Take a close look at the printed text. Is there enough room between the letters? Amend it. Letters must appear clever enough to please the eye. Dual-check the kerning.
In typography, flaws often come out like a sore thumb, so don’t play stupid with your selection of letters.

Right amount of white spacing!

White space is the place to breathe. It makes it even easier to digest the layout.
Experts can quickly tell the good artist from the poor, because the latter does not provide white space or what is practically called negative space in his design. White space is important to demonstrate your product in an elegant way, without any clutter.

Get the Print Right

The resolution must be accurate and consistent with the expected design. The colors you see on the screen must match those produced by the printer, while creative designers also have to know the inherent consistency of the paper they are using – will it absorb the ink or would tear apart easily or hold the design appropriately.

Right Spacing!

At Vijaysur, we believe in less is more. Minimal is the way to go. This will keep your design clear and understandable to the lay man. Accessibility isn’t the same as availability, but it serves the same function. Both attributes make the product successful, the first in spite of functional design and the second in terms of price.

Get the Emotional Pitch Right

Trust it or not, also in packaging, your emotional message isn’t meant to go overboard. It’s supposed to hit the perfect decibel – not too screechy, so it doesn’t lost in the noise. Not too low, so it won’t be heard, above the noise.

Give an articulate tone to your innovative product, the ‘ shelf-shout ‘ that immediately builds up the appealing identity of your brand in the mind of the customer. Offer the expertise of an effective packaging design company to your product.

It is the packaging that speaks on account of your brand, competing with other companies, before your product gets the chance to promote its excellent features. The packaging design must be a blend of visual appeal and versatility, which together with the development of an emotional connection with the consumer also disseminates product information quickly and easily.

While designing, our designers take into account one of the very important derivations of the current studies that customers read only an average of nine words on the package of the products and make hasty buying decisions based on colour, shape and design. For good packaging design, contact Vijaysur.

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