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Shareable content and why is it important

Who doesn’t want his/her content to be shared in this digital world? Shareable is something we all want our content to be; but to clear it out, shareable content is not that gets you talking to your audience but also gets your audience talking about you and your brand/service. Your brand can have loads of compelling, engaging content on social media and on its website that your audience seems to love. But if it’s not being shared much, you’re missing out on a lot of benefits.

In this article, we’ll tell you why shareable content can help you stand out from the crowd, and what you need to do to create it.


What is shareable content and what makes a piece of content shareable anyway?


To keep it simple, Shareable content is the new digital version of word-of-mouth content, it is basically the content that audiences feel compelled to share because they relate/feel to it very strongly and think that others can benefit from it too. In other words, shareable content is something that not only gets likes but is something that consumers are willing to have reflected on their character/personality.


To make shareable content there is a list of things that needs to be taken into consideration.


1. Emotions

Content that tends to form a strong emotion with the audience is twice as likely to get shared. These emotions can be anything from joy to sorrow to amusement to nostalgia, the key is to have an emotional connection with the user for the content to become shareable. We believe that you need to encourage people to feel something before you can get them to think about your product, company or service, or take action.

2. Storytelling

Along with the emotional kick in your content, Storytelling has a unique power to create a long-lasting impact on the users. When you give something through which your users can connect and resonate with then it gives a sense of trust and empathy to your users towards the brand and because of this, stories have the unique ability to build connections with the consumers which in turn make it more likely for consumers to stick around to engage with the content on a deeper level and eventually share it.

3. Relevance

For the users to invest their time and support into branded work, they have to be just as interested and indulged in it as you are. And a good way to do this is to connect your content with a trending topic – giving your audience something that’s already recognizable to them encourages positive associations.

To make relevance in your content first you need to research your intended market which will give you insights into what the targeted consumers’ likes and dislikes, which references are relevant and to what they resonate with, and most importantly, what will motivate them to share it forward.



With shareable content, you open the door to high levels of social media engagement and brand interaction which eventually leads to increased brand recall. And when users engage with the content they choose and like, they are more likely to interact with the content and the brand.

In a world where we are filled with so much information, having content that makes the audience notice your brand is very important. And to help your content gain more shares and more visibility our content services can help you with it as we have experience of successful campaign strategies.

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