What is brand purpose? -

What is brand purpose?

Often, when brands look for ways to position themselves in the market, they focus more on things such as products, services, and campaigns. While these things are no doubt very important for any organization to grow but to strive for differentiation and stand out in overcrowded industries, having a purpose-driven brand is the way that earns the loyalty of its customers because people no longer make decisions based on product selection or price, they now support companies whose brand purpose aligns with their beliefs.

There will always be a venture that claims to do better and cheaper than you do, which means that it is no longer enough for a brand to just share the same old clichés about why their product or service is superior to others. Instead, a brand needs to create a connection with the audience, and give them something to hold onto that goes beyond pricing and services.

What is the brand purpose?
Brand purpose is the intent behind a brand’s existence; it represents what your organization stands for and lets you connect with consumers on a more emotional level. Having a brand purpose lets your audience know that there is so much more to your brand than just tangible offerings. In other words, it shows that the brand is beyond making money and profits.


1. Purpose-driven brands foster deeper connections:
It allows your audiences and customers to more quickly relate with your brand and services and build a trusted relationship because of shared beliefs and principles and this, in turn, allows your brand to boost sales as well as creditability.

2. Brand purpose creates more clarity:
Having a clear and compelling brand Purpose gives the audience a sense of trust. Consumers now see brand purpose as a crucial factor when deciding to purchase and therefore this rewards authenticity, strong leadership, and outspokenness of a brand. Today, more and more people are influenced to buy a product or service by the words, actions, and beliefs of a company.

3. Brand purpose opens other categories:
Your brand is anchors in a system of beliefs and not a type of product or service. It defines what you stand for, and how you intend to create an emotional appeal. So when you involve your customers, employees, and stakeholders with your brand, you are also sharing your values and beliefs with them.

4. Shared purpose helps you attract, retain, and motivate talent:
When the brand and audience have the same beliefs it forms a stronger connection to its employees and consumers which makes it easier to attract and retain the customers.

5. Purpose-led brands grow faster:
Well, this is a no-brainer that when a brand has its values and beliefs aligned with the consumers and its employees and has a strong strategy, a brand is meant to grow faster than others. A strong strategy plus purposely-driven companies show positive growth over others.

The outcome:

Vijaysur believes that brand purpose is something that all companies should invest in, so if you are looking for help in articulating your brand purpose, don’t think twice and get in touch with us as we understand that finding a brand purpose that connects to your audience on a personal level is not a cakewalk. We take a purpose-led approach with the brand’s content which will therefore add resilience to your brand.

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