Build Your Network on LinkedIn

Over 500 million members worldwide, at least half of those are active members, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the world's most widely used site for businesses and employment-seekers alike. It picks the best of what social media has to provide and applies a twist to business networking, trying to make it a place to see and experience.

LinkedIn offers its members a simple way to connect with people within and outside their business. So clearly, it's a crucial element in your arsenal if you're seeking a job. But what about the businesses themselves? Don't bother about it! This platform has you covered too, if you're looking for lead generation, thought strategy, or just finding the right talent!

Demystifying the Lingo

Like other social networking sites, LinkedIn lets you create a private or public account which you can use to showcase academic and professional accomplishments and business-relevant information. It will encourage you to communicate with your network — people you know closely and have connected to your network.

Also, you can use these connections to communicate to second and third-degree contacts. For example, if you're linked to X, your friend Y will be a second-degree connection, and Y's friend Z would become a third-degree connection.

And just as in the actual world, you could use LinkedIn to send and receive introductions— either to link two people you know or to connect someone through any of your networks. Whatever the case, you and your company will be creating meaningful relationships and growing a lifelong customer base!

Once you have created a page, you could use it in several ways. The best thing is to post stuff on your wall— personal art, photographs and videos, or links to articles that you find fascinating. If you're trying to hit a broader target market, you can also run a few advertisements for different segments.

Grow online presence

Almost everyone has access to the internet — and almost every customer, job-seeker, or investor does a fast Google search after they first hear about your product or service. So, strong online visibility is crucial to your company, particularly when you want to be a leader in an industry. While Twitter, Instagram, and other networking media are a good way to connect with potential clients, LinkedIn is where you exchange business news, perspectives, and academic articles that help shape your perspective. How your company introduces itself on this network will help you build your brand image and convey your corporate identity.

Find the appropriate people

What more appropriate place to identify the next great team member than a business networking site, right? LinkedIn makes the work-hunting process much simpler for workers, which also ensures that recruiting is streamlined. You can use LinkedIn Recruiter tools to post advertisements for job openings, sort people by different criteria, and even screen them by skimming through their profiles. A simple job opening post can get you a great number of recommendations.

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